How to Quit Nicotine and Stop Smoking (2023)

Li.O.N.S. Institute of Southern Europe has conducted a poll on our social media asking real-life people to give real testimonials on how they quit nicotine and stop smoking

What will you read?

The answers in comments and sections were amazing and many of them describe what it means to CRUSH the grip of nicotine and BREAK the chains of addiction, we hope that these testimonials will help you find your way!

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“I was lucky enough that my want to quit turned to will quit. Cold turkey since January. But it’s not easy. I bowed to change my life, and that was the first change.”


“Twice. Started again after 20 years for two months and realized once again this is not for me. That I am a non smoker. And stopped again by reading the book (Allen Carr’s Easy way). And yes, it really truly is as easy as he promises.”


“I stopped smoking 7 years ago when I found out I was going to be a father by listening to Allen Carr’s audiobook “The Easyway to Stop Smoking”. Stopped smoking, no problem. I’ve purchased the book for 12 people and out of those 12, 10 have stopped smoking.”


“Tossed them out and never looked back! July 9, 1993 Changed my state of mind and left the crutch behind!”


“Got a new girlfriend 21 years ago (now my wife), and she hated smoking. I liked kissing more that smoking so it was a simple choice but hard to do. I relapsed a couple of times on nights out but took it as a blip and stayed off them. Keep with it!”


“The day my son born I have stopped smoking to show that cigarettes are bad. That was 10 years ago You do more for others than for yourself. Find your lever”


“I tried many times and could never succeed as I wasn’t doing it for myself. About 4 years ago I was hypnotised and haven’t touched a cigarette since then. Such an amazing experience”


“I had personal guidance from a coach, it worked for me”

Here are more answers about how to quit nicotine and stop smoking


“Ok. Might sound silly. I went to one exhibition called human bodies and there I saw the lungs of a person that smoked and the lungs were black.

I decided that I want to quit and I think when you make the decision then you are on the beginning of actually achieving it. because it is hard then you should say to yourself that : example you will smoke only 10 cigarettes a day and you put only 10 cigarettes in your packet. then you will just make it smaller and smaller five cigarettes a day three cigarettes a day and you will see that your body will start to react to smoking that you will start to dislike the cigarette Don’t be so hard on yourself in case you will not make it some days because it will happen but what do you have to do is decide why you want to stop smoking. is it taking your time is it taking your health is it taking your money? is it because you smell bad when you smoke that so it’s really in your mind.I also prayed. So don’t pay anyone to go to hypnotherapy because you can make it.Don’t listen people who will tell you smoke with them. Resist. .If you need to find a person who will lead you or just to help you to resist the temptation.If you manage to smoke less and less do something good for you like buy a treat buy a nice shoes or just say to yourself that you are a strong person! I had temptation while being with persons smoking and actually when I tried the cigarette again it was disgusting so I’m happy I made the decision and you should do it too for yourself for your health for your money but mostly for yourself”


“Made the choice to stop. It is a mental game and those that are on the fence about quitting will generally fall back into use. Smoked for almost 30 years of my life and stopped several times but never really wanted to quit. Once I made the decision to quit I just stopped. I have been nic free for almost 5 years now. Normally I would go back to use after a couple months. Don’t even miss them anymore.”


I prepared myself for months in the lead up, changed my internal dialogue & spoke to myself as though I was a non smoker, I stopped smoking in Feb last year with minimal withdrawals & have no desire to smoke at all ”

James:”I did a challenge with 6 friends that was 28 years ago so far I am still winning”


“Cold turkey! Mentally told myself for a year I was going to stop. After seeing my dad battle his COPD I knew I needed to make a change. I would eat so many bags of sun flower seeds to keep my nerves occupied. But after 30 days It got so much easier! 8 years today! Good luck! Not easy but def worth it”


“Made it a must and I quit. I do not know how many days, but my quit date was March 6th. My son asked me to ger ordained so I could perform the ceremony and join him and his wife in wedlock. I realized that I, if given the option, would like to be alive to do the same for my grandchildren. This thought alone made me crush out a cigarette in the middle of the day, and not light another one. Find the reason, find your leverage, and this will make it a must. Once it is a must, it is obtainable. Stay Blessed.”


As you read these testimonials you may conclude that there are many ways to crush the grip of nicotine and break the chains of addiction and start Living the Life of a Nonsmokers. But there are four main things that are in common with every answer:

We recommend that you start now by taking a pencil and notebook and start writing your own goals and strategy to make your life better by CRUSHING the grip of Nicotine and BREAKING the chains of addiction!

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