Symptoms of nicotine addiction are simple:

  • you start organizing your life around smoking, vaping,
  • you start feeling anxious you are low on cigarettes
  • you said you stop using nicotine today, but you procrastinate with the following words: “well just one more, I will do it tomorrow
  • you start self-criticism: I don’t have willpower, can not go a day without, I am too stressed, how can I go without nicotine with all this*diots around me, etc
  • physical symptoms: restlessness, the tension in muscles,, depression, anxiety, lack of focus,

The Li.O.N.S. Smoking Cessation method we use a goal-oriented approach, where our clients are being heard, feel listened and we take note of clients needs, there for the best way to start a life without nicotine is to understand what needs are satisfied with nicotine.
What is the secondary benefit?

Now, your intuition will say that nicotine is not good for anything, and that is generally true, but we don’t get out of bed today with he idea to hit our leg on the table, we get out of bed to achieve something each day.

Once you understand what benefits you are walking away from quit ing cigarettes will become easier

The second thing is to figure out all the ways that are ok with you, and in your power to get those benefits.

Next thing: forget quitting, no one likes to be the quitter: you are starting your life as a non-smoker. Define, and create a goal for your life (write it on paper) how that life without cigarettes looks like feels, and sounds like, and write where you are in that life and let it sink in. this will make cravings and withdrawal symptoms minimal or insignificant.

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